Buena Vista Surgery Center

Our History

Dr. Raymond Raven had dreamed of opening his own surgery center for years. He desired to offer a facility where he could offer access to patients with all types of financial abilities. He has seen healthcare through many different lenses and at many different facilities and knew exactly how he would be able to run an efficient and excellent center.


MedBridge, Buena Vista Surgery Center’s management company, is in the business of bridging medical services with business needs and has developed numerous centers over the past decade. Dr. Raven and MedBridge partnered together and searched for the perfect opportunity to develop this new center – and along came 2701 West Alameda Avenue.
With the combined experience of MedBridge and Dr. Raven, along with a great passion and vision, Buena Vista Surgery Center was formed. Dr. Raven was able to develop a facility that he knew would be patient focused, while MedBridge was able to assure it was built to the highest standard of care and Medicare compliance. Buena Vista Surgery Center is committed to the highest quality patient care and will continue to raise the bar in patient satisfaction and safety to become the best in the industry.

Our Values

Here at Buena Vista Surgery Center we maintain a dedication to upholding our values. These values are the foundation that holds our practice together, they shape and distinguish our center from any other. We are committed to the following values:
Integrity||Staying Accountable.
Our physicians and staff operate with the utmost example of character, responsibility and transparency. We strive for the highest ethical standards in all internal and external interactions.
Excellence||Who we are.
Our state of the art facility operated by exceptional physicians and staff provides the highest quality services that produce success time and time again.
Relationship||Patients First.
Our first priority is recognizing the importance of each patient we work with and valuing the connection between our team and our clients.
Achievement||Patient Satisfaction.
We measure our success by the satisfaction of our patients, and that is why we are confident that Buena Vista Surgery Center will meet and exceed your outpatient needs.